My Claim to fame and one of my biggest accomplishments, thus far….

In 2010, I decided it was a time for major change in my life, I wanted to start another diet. Big deal right? I wanted to feel healthy, full of energy, happy and fit. Being a woman is difficult enough, and figuring out how to fulfill our own expectations, as well as the self imposed expectations that we “think” other people have of us is even harder.  Well, my “diet” turned into a fitness journey, and I’m still growing and learning.  Being fit has been a journey and I haven’t found my destination.  So below, my claim to fame and a short synopsis of my fitness journey for your reading pleasure.




What is STEEZ may you ask?

Based on the Urban Dictionary: Steez is…..

1. Style with ease.
2. Someone’s trademark or own style.
3. General word replacement,(i.e. “thing)

So why is  my blog titled SSTEEZ may you ask?!? Well, to start my name is Stephanie and my hubby calls me steezy. Not just for my fashion sense, but for many other reasons that hopefully my blog will uncover over time… I find myself searching endlessly through this world wide web for inspirations to make make food fun and healthy, and to create my own style with a little twist. I’ve been contemplating writing a blog for a little over a year now, why now may you ask? Well, I don’t really have a good answer…Hoping to inspire others as I continue on this crazy ride we call life, through my passion for food, fun, fashion, running, yoga, weight lifting, love, laughter and helping motivate other people to discover that the sky is the limits! I’m absolutely open to comments and suggestions on my blog, please “radiate positive vibes!” Peace & Love