The end of prohibition in Colorado!

I never really thought that I would see the day when Marijuana would become recreationally legal. But on 1/1/14 in Denver Colorado, a  certain number of dispensary’s throughout Colorado obtained a license to recreationally  (legally) sell marijuana to their +21 customers.  Not only did people have the ability to purchase legal marijuana but, I was able to be there to witness it.  At 8:00 am on 1/1/14, a Denver Dispensary (3D Cannabis center) opened their doors.  The first Marijuana sale was made to a veteran of the IRAQ war, a man who has sacrificed his life for our country. Based on the article, he has suffered with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which unfortunately many if not all war veterans come back with. You may ask, well if he had PTSD why wouldn’t he have been able to medically purchase it? Because, PTSD is isn’t even considered a medical condition that would warrant a medical prescription for medical marijuana. The only thing that has worked for him, not modern medicine, but a little bit of marijuana.

It was such a privilege, and quite frankly an honor to be surrounded with great friends on this day that marked history. The positive feelings that I felt, the good energy among-st all people around and the smiles on people’s faces as they were leaving the store are forever imprinted in my mind. This collective energy was amazing, I was full of emotion and shed a few tears out of pure joy. I’m so proud of my friends who have put alot of time and effort into making this happen, it was a collective effort for sure. My friends who work there put in so much effort, they work so hard for what they are passionate about, and they love what they do.  When you combine love, passion and care for others in what you do, well I believe that the sky is the limits, and all good things come from love. The one person who stands out in my mind during this whole experience is Toni Fox. She is the owner of 3D Cannabis center and is an inspirational woman,a great person full of excitement and is such a positive force. I’m so excited to see what will come of all this, positive vibes I’m sure.



7 thoughts on “The end of prohibition in Colorado!”

  1. I look forward to having the opportunity to be part of opening a dispensary one here. Looks like you had fun. I am ready to get off all my medicine’s and have a natural legal alternative.

    1. It was a great time and so amazing to be part of history! Please go to to sign the petition for medical marijuana to be put on the ballot! All my best, love & light ❤

  2. I wish I was there for that great event. It has been to long coming…
    I pray that people don’t abuse it and are able to stay focused and be inspired.
    Other states will follow soon, Cause its America the land of the free and home of the brave.

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