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Just say no, to GMO’s & The little packet of death!

What is a GMO might you ask? Well it stands for Genetically Modified Organism, eww. Below is a link that will give you a good explanation of what GMO’s are and what are the most commonly contaminated foods containing GMO’s.


So, as a consumer and lover of all foods, I took a couple simple steps to make my journey to being GMO free!  I am not totally living a GMO free lifestyle, as I have to travel for work at times and have a busy schedule (this is no excuse, but hey I’m only human)!  I will say that about 99% of the time I avoid GMO’s at all costs, and when I don’t then I have to pay the consequences and they are not pretty! Starting on the path to eliminating GMO’s can be very overwhelming as you will find that MANY if not all products, fruits, veggies and meats in conventional food stores contain GMO’s.  So below are a couple of simple steps to start on your own path…

Step # 1- Take a peek in your refrigerator and read the ingredients on the products that you own. This link below from Foodbabe.com has a whole list of GMO ingredients


Step # 2- Throw away whatever you can. You don’t have to throw away everything in your fridge, the feeling is very overwhelming, but if you see a pattern of things that you buy containing GMO’s look for some alternatives.

Step #3- Do your own research, but beware of products that are labeled “organic” or “natural,” because they very well might be contaminated with GMO’s, (I definitely made that mistake at first)

Step #4- Don’t drive yourself crazy about GMO’s they are everywhere! There have been moments where I have panicked about what is in the food that I’m eating especially while eating out, like today. I ordered a piece of salmon at lunch, when it came to the table it looked so yummy, but I forgot to ask them where they get their fish! So I calmly asked the waitress is your salmon farmed or wild? I had my fingers crossed and was praying that she would say wild, and then she said it was farmed, I almost fainted and my work friends were like “it’s not gonna kill you!” My response was, well “it might!”  I’m embarrassed to say I did eat the fish because I well I just did.

So,  start small, as you become more aware and conscious about what you put in your body!

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My journey to living a healthier lifestyle started in 2010 when I learned how to balance my meals (proteins, carbs and veggies). However my knowledge about GMO’s, what they are, where they are, and how they affect my body started in April of 2013, when I read an article about Splenda. Yes, in 2010 I made a major transformation, and well I’m still transforming, learning about nutrition and what it really means to be healthy.  Since my super cool transformation, I had supplemented my sugar consumption with Splenda. I used it in my coffee and tea, in my morning oatmeal and in pretty much any recipe that called for sugar. It was hard to admit that I was addicted to the so called no calorie sweetener SPLENDA.  Ashamed and embarrassed, I went cold turkey after reading this article.


Everyone needs a little sweetness in their life! So how do you add a little sweetness to your life without that little packet of death or without using refined sugars which can derail your weight loss goals (oh and refined sugar isn’t good for you either it typically contains GMOs)!?!

In tea or baked goods I use local honey (if you live in Orlando this is my favorite http://www.winterparkhoney.com/) I typically pick this up from my local nutrition store, College Park Nutrition http://www.collegeparknutrition.com/

In my morning oatmeal or pretty much anything else that I want to make sweet I use and organic agave or coconut crystals! If you haven’t noticed there is a little non-gmo sticker on these containers, anything containing this sticker is good to go with no GMO’s! I would love to hear anyone else’s story or mission to cut GMO’s out of their diet!


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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”